SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution provides a single platform to all the solutions for industries whose products are of the category, Research & Design, Build to Order, Engineered to Order, Assembled to Order or Mass Production. SAP PLM helps in triggering new business opportunities by collecting ideas from all possible touch points (Sales, Service, Resellers, Partners, Customers, Marketing, and so on) and ensuring a follow-up and assessment by the appropriate business owners, such as the business developer for a specific category. A centralized idea pool is used to identify new business opportunities, share ideas and execute feasibility assessments with cross-functional teams. This data is then shared with all process participants using concept genealogies and feasibility investigated based on assumed risk.

The main stages in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution are
•    Market Introduction Stage ( Concept > Design & Engineering > Prototype)
•    Growth Stage (Production Ramp up)
•    Mature Stage (Product improvement & change management)
•    Decline Stage( Product Phase Over)
Document Management System (DMS) of SAP plays a key role in integrating the various components of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). It supports the solution from the very initial stages of product conceptualization through the last quality documentation that may become important evidence indicating the completion of useful life of the `product'. Following logistics modules along with the indispensable CO module build up the Product Lifecycle Management solution.
•    Project System
•    Engineering Change Management
•    Classification System
•    Production planning for process industries
•    Quality Management
•    Materials Management
Advantages of SAP PLM solution are:

•  Cost reduction - The solution allows you to manage the cost of changes and evaluate the progress of projects across product lines. It also helps in controlling the cost of relationship management.
•  Improved business results - The solution allows you to explore new market opportunities, gain a higher market share, and increase customer satisfaction.
•  Higher product quality - It allows you to manage product quality throughout every phase of the product life cycle.
•  Improved cycle time - The solution reduces time to market by integrating supply chain management and procurement.
•  Better decision making - The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution supports decision-making at all levels with powerful analytics covering areas such as portfolio management, occupational health, product safety, product quality and maintenance management.
•  Lower cost of ownership - It can be integrated with operational systems, such as computer-aided design, ERP, CRM, SRM, and SCM systems. Using a modular approach, you can implement gradually to meet evolving needs.

Our Recruitment Product

Techizz Application Tracking System

Techizz ATS is a web application which eases the Human Resource Department to work swiftly in the organization.

The ATS is authorized by 3 types of users namely Recruiter, Manager and Administrator. Of the three, Recruiter and Manager have customized roles and activities throughout the system whereas Admin remains as default role of the system.

These three types of users interact with three types of modules of the system namely Candidates, Jobs and Corporates. The work flow of the system depends on these modules.

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