Cloud Integration

Of course, cloud infrastructure is not very useful without software applications that run on top of them, and cloud applications are not very valuable without access to the critical corporate data that is typically locked away in various on premise systems.  So for cloud applications to offer maximum value to their users, they need to provide a simple mechanism to import or load external data, export or replicate their data for reporting or analysis purposes, and to keep their data synchronized with on premise applications.
That brings us to cloud integration
Just like Cloud Computing, Cloud Integration is about simplifying and democratizing technology so that it could be adopted by a much broader audience
Techizz has team of experienced people to integrate traditional applications with cloud platforms.  If   database – connectors , notifications services, integrating your ERP system with for better reporting   is your requirement and you are looking for scalable solution in this area, we welcome you as a guest..

Examples of  cloud integration ,
•    Order to Cash integration between CRM, ERP, warehousing and financial systems
•    Billings, Bookings and Backlog visibility from ERP to CRM
•    Candidate information from HCM to recruiting systems
•    Employee payroll data from HCM to payroll systems
•    Pricing and product catalog information between ERP and customer portals
•    POs, shipping notices and payments with suppliers
•    Repair and warranty information between call centers and customer portals

Our Recruitment Product

Techizz Application Tracking System

Techizz ATS is a web application which eases the Human Resource Department to work swiftly in the organization.

The ATS is authorized by 3 types of users namely Recruiter, Manager and Administrator. Of the three, Recruiter and Manager have customized roles and activities throughout the system whereas Admin remains as default role of the system.

These three types of users interact with three types of modules of the system namely Candidates, Jobs and Corporates. The work flow of the system depends on these modules.

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